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Regenerative Grazing
From the Ground Up

Increasing Natural Capital

Increasing Biodiversity
Decreasing Invasive Species
 & meeting landowner goals

Organic Cattle Care
Consulting & Logistics

Organic Cattle Care,     

 Low Stress Livestock Handling,

and livestock placement 

Ranch Problem Solving,

Goal Articulation,

Feasibility Analysis

Our work


We Manage and Care for Livestock to Restore Ecology & Build Natural Capital
Jersey cattle under care of SMI
Dairy Cattle under care of SMI
Cattle under density at SMI property
Grassfed cattle under SMI care
Blackbird nest after graze event
Team member Elle herding for SMI
Jersey cattle under care of SMI
Nate moving cattle for SMI
Eating thistle under care of SMI


The Grounded Team is made up of three owners who are wholly committed to regenerating ecology and providing reliable and skillful care to animals. Between the team there is a collective 40 years of ranching and land management experience. We have managed herds of thousands of cattle, as well as buffalo, goats, pigs, broiler chickens and layer chickens all for large commercial operations. We have managed womb to tomb grassfed cattle operations, grass finishing programs, stocker operations, and CSA's with upwards of a 1000 members and direct marketed grass fed cattle. While we are always learning and growing we feel confident that we have the experience necessary to help you meet your goals, and we look forward to doing so.

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Tel: 619-818-7669

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