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We take care of em' care of like their ours 

We understand. The margins are thin in livestock. Everyone needs more ground. You need more turnover, maybe you need to meet your pasture requirement.  But you don’t want to send your investment to just anyone. At Grounded, we are committed to giving livestock the care they need to thrive, grow, be healthy and put money back in your pocket. We believe that if you give animals regular fresh pasture, appropriate nutrition, clean water and a calm environment the rest takes care of itself. When it doesn't we are on the ground to take corrective action when need be. Our team members have experience in wide range of production settings putting pounds on cattle, in a happy healthy stress free environment. We look forward to talking to you about the needs of your operation.



At Grounded, we not only provide animal care ourselves, we have relationships with other organizations, that can provide you with the same level of attentiveness and care our organization strives for. Let us help you expand your operation and put more zeros on the end of that check.



Stockmanship is one the most important things we focus on at Grounded. It is stockmanship that allows us to create positive land management. It is stockmanship that gives us production levels that allow us to make land management profitable. And it is stockmanship that helps make the animals healthy and happy. As a company that depends on relationships, livestock gaining well and on maintaining precise control over them under difficult circumstances, calm cattle are at the core of our business. We need them to gain, we need them to stay healthy, we need them to stay in control. Stress has a tremendous impact on animal health and animal production. There is no point in moving around a bunch of sick, unhealthy and unprofitable animals. At Grounded we focus on building a natural and responsive relationship with the animals by staying calm, then getting movement and lastly getting direction. Let us take care of your investment.

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