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With a Little Help From

Our Friends


We at Grounded are grateful for the friends and community of support we are part of in thoughtful land management and thorough livestock care. We appreciate being part of a diverse community of producers, suppliers, advisors and problem solvers that are trying to make the land healthier and the cattle fatter. 


We use pasture map to help us plan and implement regenerative grazing systems.   If you want support making grazing planning and record keeping easy. Click the logo. You'll be glad you did. 

Sonoma Mountain Institute works to support human beings’ relationship with nature, so that both may be mutually enhanced.  We work with Sonoma Mountain Institute were they provide both competent cattle care, but also a robust ecological monitoring program to ensure the management needle is moving in the right direction.  

Regenerative Stewardship, LLC is a land management and counseling firm, started in 2016. The mission of Regenerative Stewardship is “Striving to responsibly steward the land and assist others to do the same.” Regenerative Stewardship takes a holistic and context focused approach to land management. We primarily assist land owners develop and implement management tools that positively influence the economic, ecological, and social aspects of their landscape.

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